2018 Theatre Brut Anthology - 31 Short Plays

New Jersey Repertory Company(Smith & Kraus)

2018 Theatre Brut Anthology - 31 Short Plays Cover


A Collection of 31 Short Plays "All We Want" (McLindon), "Blue Bench" (Merilo), "By the Light" (McLeod), "Circus Real" (Kozak), "Clown Alley" ( DiIorio), Covenant (or...Bagels and Butchery)" (Weitzman), "Death Defying" (Kaplan), "Doodle-lee Doo" (Stone), "Extraordinary" (Swain), "Fortune's Fool" (Delaney), "Gravity: The Three-Body Problem" (Biguenet), "In the Hole" (Daftsios), "Like Brothers" (Fitzpatrick), "Maximilian the Magnificent" (Grant), "Nightmare Alley: An Introduction" (Brielle), "No More Writers" (Vetere), "Oh no!

I Flew Too Close to the Sun" (Higbee), "On the Underground, or The Penguin Play" (Hefti), "Parlez Vous" (Waters & Jablonski), "Riding Lessons" (Hursey), "Sad Clown & the Circus de Italo" (Palangio), "Spontaneous Clownbustion" (Weagly), "The Circus Acrobat Girl" (Kimball), "The Circus Train Wreck" (Clardy), "The Existential Marionette" (Beckwith), "The Revisionist" (Barabas), "Think Like a Man" (Smith), "Verisimilitude" (Zack), "When the Circus Came to Town" (Griffin), "Would You Like a Tissue" (Heinze), "Zazu" (Tucker)

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