2017 Theatre Brut Festival Anthology

New Jersey Repertory Company(Smith & Kraus)

2017 Theatre Brut Festival Anthology Cover


A Collection of 28 Short Plays:

A Few Good PB&Js (Kehoe)After You (Blessing)Australia s Oldest Woman (Carroll)Barroom Sonata (Canfora)Blood Sausage (Biguenet)Braking in the New Boss (DiIorio)Cubs Win!

(Smith)Deliver Us (August)Eve in the Hot Seat (Mori)Eviction (Frank)Exhibit A (Grant)Ful Nabit (Cunningham)Her Place in the World (Gregory)How My Grandparents Fell in Love (Gitter)Love is a Train (Sandberg)(miss) Mary Edwards (Smith)Mountaineer (Weitzman)New York City Girls Will Kill You (Techler)The Outside Edge of a Full Circle (Harrington)Performance Review (Roberts)Pittsburgh (Tucker)Snake Eggs (Waters)Something About Eve (Halliday)Stepping into Fire Book (Coash & Brielle)The Conversation (Malick)The Late Shift (Martin)The Naming (Marse)This Year s Model (Hoke)

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