Villainous Company

Victor L Cahn(Broadway Play Publishing)

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"A three-character drama that keeps you guessing...the lingering pauses which punctuates the tersely written dialogue lends an extra soupçon of suspense and even some unspoken sexual tension ... [Mr Cahn] neatly resolves the play with a double cross (or perhaps even a triple cross) of a conclusion that ties up his agreeable little caper with a nifty bow."

The New York Times "VILLAINOUS COMPANY offers a teasing glimpse into a brightly lit shadow-world, where three smart, strong, bad girls perform--without a cop, a man, or a righteous authority figure in sight--a slow-dance of deceit, betrayal, and glossy illusion."

Asbury Park Press "Unexpected twists, surprising character revelations, and an all-woman cast is part of the fun watching VILLAINOUS COMPANY...

This is a diverting and mysterious tale where everything and everyone is not quite what they seem to be, which is part of the point and definitely most of the fun...

The three actresses each hold their own and have a strong grasp of the complicated characters that they are playing--always more than meets the eye.

I suspect the playwright is having some fun here with our traditional ideas and expectations about class and power, sex and gender roles.

The subtext of the play's often witty dialogue seems to be determining who is the more and the less powerful player in any given exchange.

Characters take hold of, enjoy, and give away that power as more of the mystery, and more and more of the twists are revealed to us.

Because this is an all-female cast, those power dynamics are less obvious and a lot more interesting than we might usually imagine or expect.

And that provides a fresher take on a class theater trope."

Tri City News "Often funny and unendingly intriguing, it feels like an Alfred Hitchcock thriller."


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