Time Alone

Alessandro Camon(Broadway Play Publishing)

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Alessandro Camon's two-hander transpires in overlapping monologues between Anna Jackson, a traumatized shut-in whose police officer son was killed in the line of duty, and Gabriel Wayland, a prison inmate in solitary confinement.

The characters--both sympathetic, both impassioned--hold forth about their radically different views on the nature of time, regret and the criminal justice system.

Gabriel speaks from his cell, Anna from the prison-like home.

..".His drama comes full circle in a beautifully realized denouement that emphasizes not only our human need for connection, but our innate and sometimes surprising capacity for forgiveness."

F Kathleen Foley, Los Angeles Times "I was riveted...sharp writing and observations...

In their haunted isolation, for all their differences, victim and perpetrator both experience time as a tool of torture.

And then, in a twist I can't give away, they discover a connection that carries with it a hint of redemption."

Steve Lopez, Los Angeles Times Stunning...

Poetic writing...

An inspired two-hander that casts a jaundiced eye on the criminal justice and prison systems...

Camon employs the same grim nuance that was so successful in his Oscar-nominated screenplay for The Messenger...

His familiarity with the subject brings immediacy as well as emotional and psychological veracity to his writing."

The Hollywood Reporter

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