Romantic Trapezoid

Victor L Cahn(Broadway Play Publishing)

Romantic Trapezoid Cover


4 out of 5


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"A deliciously clever theatrical rom-com...

As we left the theatre after the show, an enthralled audience member exclaimed, 'That was charming, really charming.' And it was.

Three superb actors, one great text, and a director with a strong eye for detail ensures a production that is deeply satisfying to watch...

Victor L Cahn's script is soaked in optimism.

It feels like he is rooting for relationships.

He unpacks the complexity of relationship compromise in an inventive, funny, and creative way.

He allows for marvelous character development and enjoyable slaloming through the winding twists of the plot.

He has cut away any extraneous fat and allowed for a precise, lean offering that leaves you perfectly sated.

ROMANTIC TRAPEZOID is a sophisticated comedy that deals with the complexities of modern relationships with wit and intelligence." "ROMANTIC TRAPEZOID is a romantic whirlwind that takes us through the course of love that starts out doomed and ends stronger than ever." "Bubbly, clever, and fresh." "A brisk look into commitment issues...vibrant, funny, and refreshing...Cahn's script can veer smartly from the classic romantic trope it musters...the play is a quick "pick me up' for anyone that wants to see a pair fall and rise again to realize, indeed, they are a dynamic duo." "Adorable, retro romantic caper...engaging and lovely to observe... a highly entertaining series of vignettes."

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