Three Wise Guys

Scott Alan Evans, Jeffrey Couchman from Damon Runyon(Broadway Play Publishing)

Three Wise Guys Cover


3.6 out of 5


from 5 ratings

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Christmas Eve, 1932. Three New York wise guys on the run from a hotheaded racketeer journey from a Manhattan speakeasy to a swanky Long Island mansion to a ramshackle barn in Pennsylvania, inadvertently spreading holiday cheer everywhere they go.

Based on two short stories by Damon Runyon (GUYS AND DOLLS), this effervescent comedy fizzes with laughter and heart.

"Funny, sweet, and thoroughly charming...

The voices here are unalloyed, cartoon New York, with a 'guys and dolls' locution that earns laughs as much from sentence structure as from the jokes themselves.

In Runyon's universe, unlawful activities are mitigated by a deep but grudging moral code.

And his characters, like all good gangsters, occasionally break out into impeccable barbershop harmonies."

The New Yorker

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