The Swimming Club

Hannie Rayson(Currency Press)

The Swimming Club Cover


3 out of 5


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Six friends.

A Greek island.

A summer romance.

Thirty years later, would you dive in again?

In 1983, when they were footloose and fancy-free, the members of the Swimming Club spent one glorious summer together working and loving on a Greek island.

Now that they are middle-class, middle-aged, mid-career and mortgaged to the hilt, do they really want to carry all their burdens halfway round the world for a reunion?

And can the idealism and fervour of their youth be rekindled?

Written with Hannie Rayson's characteristic wit and wisdom, this is a seductive comedy from the writer of Life after George and Inheritance.

(2 acts, 3 male, 4 female)

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