The Bleeding Tree

Angus Cerini(Currency Press)

The Bleeding Tree Cover


3.64 out of 5


from 23 ratings and 4 reviews

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"Girls, I think your father's dead.

I knocked his knees out.

I conked his head.

I shot that house clown in the neck".

In a dirt-dry town in rural Australia, a shot shatters the still night.

A mother and her daughters have just welcomed home the man of the house -- with a crack in the shins and a bullet in the neck.

The only issue now is disposing of the body.

Triggered into thrilling motion by an act of revenge, The Bleeding Tree is rude, rhythmical and irreverently funny.

Imagine a murder ballad blown up for the stage, set against a deceptively deadly Aussie backdrop, with three fierce females fighting back.

(1 act, 3 female).

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