The Seagull

Anton Chekhov adapted by Benedict Andrews(Currency Press)

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In a letter to his friend Alexei Suvorin, in 1895, Chekhov wrote that he was working on a new play: "A comedy -- three females, six males, four acts, a landscape (a view of a lake), much conversation about literature, little action, and five tons of love".

"The Seagull" is Chekhov's extraordinary gathering of a group of bruised and incandescent dreamers who cannot, no matter how they try, get what they want.

It is also one of the masterpieces of theatre about theatre; an exploration of how telling stories and coining symbols interacts with life.

Benedict Andrews' adaptation brilliantly reawakens the spirit of Chekhov's great play.

Set in a world which is at once Russia then and Australia now, this new version is charged with all the good faith and natural poetry of Chekhov's original.

(6 male, 3 female).

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