The Complete World Of Sports (Abridged)

Reed C Martin(Broadway Play Publishing)

The Complete World Of Sports (Abridged) Cover


4.5 out of 5


from 6 ratings

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In this merciless but affectionate satire, The Reduced Shakespeare company sets its comic sights on the lunacy of sports.

The result is a tour-de-farce of vaudevillian physical comedy that will delight every non-sports fan in the family.

"It's a deceptively exhaustive tour, its intellectual rigor leavened by silliness of the first degree."

-Variety "A comical analysis of sports' childish side.

[This] parody of E S P N's 'SportsCenter' ... is pitched directly and proudly at the juvenile in sports fans of all ages."

-New York Times "A fast-moving and deeply funny farrago, a neo-vaudevillian sendup that manages to be both merciless and affectionate."

-Boston Globe "Hysterical!

[These] world champs of lampooning reduce sports to its hilarious basics."

-San Jose Mercury News

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