The Complete History Of Comedy (Abridged)

Reed Martin(Broadway Play Publishing)

The Complete History Of Comedy (Abridged) Cover


"Critic's Pick!

Fast and furious...fresh and funny...a great piece of political satire."

Cincinnati City Beat "You knew they'd get this one right.

THE COMPLETE HISTORY OF COMEDY (abridged) --is a madcap, breakneck-speed two hours.

Audacious, often outrageous and bawdy, the frantic pacing of COMEDY reminds you of an old-time burlesque or vaudeville revue."

Boston Stages "A wild, wild ride!

It's funny.

Really, really funny...

And most of all, it's really, really smart."

Cincinnati Enquirer "THE COMPLETE HISTORY OF COMEDY (abridged) is a master class in the art form."

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