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“SORRY is about as big and as small a family drama as there is in American literature these days.

It deals in the quotidian and the trivial, but it keeps us aware of how every seemingly insignificant detail in one family’s life is infused and informed by a much bigger picture… [A] beautiful, deeply cathartic play.”Ben Brantley, The New York Times “I’ve been trying to find words to describe what it felt like to be inside [the Public Theater] as the election raged noisily outside, what it’s like listening to the Apples speak to each other in inside-voices.

It was a lovely, near-religious feeling of shared citizenship, one of the things theater was invented to foster.”Scott Brown, New York Magazine “One of the marvels of the Apple plays, each set at a pressing national moment, is how the family marks the huge event as they grapple and go on with their own urgent matters.

The big picture illuminates and informs what’s happening close to home and vice versa.

SORRY is the richest installment so far in the series, and that’s saying something after the wonderful SWEET AND SAD.

SORRY is smart, funny and unapologetically heartbreaking.”Joe Dziemianowicz, New York Daily News “SORRY is Nelson’s almost unbearably poignant reflection on the inseparably intertwined states of a family’s and a nation’s existential misgivings.”Jeremy Gerard, Bloomberg News

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