Sex Lives Of Our Parents

Michael Mitnick(Broadway Play Publishing)

Sex Lives Of Our Parents Cover


4.5 out of 5


from 3 ratings

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Virginia is getting married.

As her wedding day approaches, unwanted ghosts of her mother's past appear, unearthing a shocking past she never knew - nor wanted to.

A comic nightmare about the mysterious hollows between parents and children and things that may be better left unsaid.

..". from the delightful opening pantomime, set to a recording of Frank Sinatra singing 'If I Had You, ' of a young couple meeting, courting, and deciding to marry, it's clear that a refreshingly original sensibility is at work.

Mitnick has a lot more on his mind than obvious laughs in this consistently inventive and surprising comedy-drama."

-Erik Haagensen, Backstage "Mitnick seems to be the rare young playwright more interested in his elders than in his contemporaries."

-Alexis Soloski, Village Voice "Mitnick displays classy wit, gentle humanity, and flashes of formal innovation."

-Scott Brown, New York

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