Sappho - In Nine Fragments

Jane Montgomery Griffiths(Currency Press)

Sappho - In Nine Fragments Cover


3 out of 5


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2700 years ago, Sappho is the world's first love poet, the tenth muse of the ancient Greeks, and the inspiration for every lovelorn writer and songster since.

But as the centuries have passed with the coming and goings of hundreds of libidinous handymen restoring her buttresses, history has caught up with Sappho.

Her tale has become a gap in time for new generations to pour their needs and desires, but what is the truth behind her own story?

Placed alongside a modern love story of sensuality, sexual awakening and broken-hearts, "Sappho... in 9 Fragments" exposes the timeless undoing of love.

(1 act, 1 female).


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