Once upon a Bride There was a Forest

Kristen Palmer(Broadway Play Publishing)

Once upon a Bride There was a Forest Cover


After Warren proposes to Josie, she decides she must make one last attempt to find her long-lost father before she walks down the aisle.

What she finds instead is a dangerous, seductive world of secrets and magic from which she may not want to escape.

ONCE UPON A BRIDE THERE WAS A FOREST is a lyrical, haunting, and surprisingly funny fairy tale about children and parents, forgetting and remembering, and the power of a good story to capture us or set us free.“Playwright Kristen Palmer crafts a contemporary fairytale that feels timeless.

She gives us a classic hero’s journey and a variation on princess tales while subtly subverting and exploring classic tropes of the genre.

Evil queens, magic spells, true love quests: Palmer touches on all these without patting herself on the back or spelling things out for the audience.

She gives Once Upon A Bride … a dream-like feeling that weaves its own lyrical spell.”

—Amanda LaPergola, Theatre is Easy“Palmer weaves a bit of Dark Shadows, a wee bit of Rocky Horror, a flicker of Twilight Zone and even a hint of The Wizard of Oz into a full-length comedy-drama-thriller perfect for a dark night when hopes seem thin.”

—Jon Sobel, BlogCritics

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