Night is a Room

Naomi Wallace(Broadway Play Publishing)

Night is a Room Cover


3.79 out of 5


from 21 ratings and 3 reviews

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Liana and Marcus have a marriage others envy.

Doré has grown accustomed to an isolated existence in her modest flat.

After a surprise reunion on Marcus’s 40th birthday, their worlds are shattered by an unexpected turn of events.

NIGHT IS A ROOM is a searing exploration of love’s power to both ruin and remake our lives.

“In NIGHT IS A ROOM, Naomi Wallace’s strange, surprising, often funny finish to her three-play residency at Signature Theater… …about halfway through the play, Ms Wallace tosses a small bomb into her narrative, the audience, too, will be stumbling to find its footing.

To say what causes the jolt would be to ruin one of the more audacious jaw-droppers in recent memory, so I won’t, but it was fascinating to hear a crowd move from confused to startled to uncomfortable, yet game and curious.

As the lights went up at intermission, I heard someone murmur, `What do you do after that?’…” Laura Collins-Hughes, The New York Times

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