Nano And Nicki In Boca Raton

Sherry Kramer(Broadway Play Publishing)

Nano And Nicki In Boca Raton Cover


Nicki drives her 84-year-old grandmother down to Florida every year.

But this year will be the last trip they take.

Nano longs for the world she used to know, and Nicki is hell bent on dragging her into the present.

NANO AND NICKI IN BOCA RATON is a play about the genteel anti-semitism of the South and the special way that grandmothers and granddaughters fight and forgive each other.

The critics on Sherry Kramer's plays: DAVID'S REDHAIRED DEATH: "Sherry Kramer's extraordinary play ... is like a puzzle: after slowly and painstakingly connecting a series of dots, one uncovers an integrated image out of what appeared to be chaos."

-The Chicago Reader THINGS THAT BREAK: ..". a terribly difficult, painfully beautiful play ...

This is a wildly imaginative piece of work."

-Nelson Pressley, The Washington Times THE WALL OF WATER: "THE WALL OF WATER quickly bursts through the dam of conventional theater for two hours of the kind of inspired and breathtaking chaos so rare on America's stages that we may have forgotten the word for it.

The word is farce."

- Margaret Spillane, New Haven Independent WHAT A MAN WEIGHS: ..". its view of sexual politics becomes more and more complex, funny, and biting."

-Time WHEN SOMETHING WONDERFUL ENDS: "As timely as it is revealing, and as witty as wise."

-Austin Chronicle

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