Killing Women

Marisa Wegrzyn(Broadway Play Publishing)

Killing Women Cover


5 out of 5


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"Marisa Wegrzyn's clever new play, KILLING WOMEN, gives a sly feminist twist, a la 9 to 5, to the hit-man comedy genre: she peppers the script with one-liners and provides a touch of pathos.

...Wegrzyn displays more confidence and smarts than many older playwrights.

At its best, the play is an extreme take on the battle between those who extol the virtues of stay-at-home motherhood and those who charge that women who fail to take up a career are letting down the team...

It's the mommy wars with a body count-a brilliant conceit.

And there's no question Wegrzyn is an extremely funny writer. engaging, funny work from a writer we're likely to hear from again."

Kerry Reid, Reader (Chicago)"

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