Home Of The Great Pecan

Stephen Bittrich(Broadway Play Publishing)

Home Of The Great Pecan Cover


4.5 out of 5


from 4 ratings and 1 review

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A giant pecan stolen, a minister on the make, aliens, a prom queen on the verge of a breakdown, beauty parlor gossip, and a shotgun wedding-just your average day in 1980s small-town Texas-otherwise known as-the Home of the Great Pecan.

"Stephen Bittrich's HOME OF THE GREAT PECAN is the most delightful new comedy I've seen in a long while... I loved spending time with these folks...

At first glance, you might think that Bittrich has gathered all these larger-than-life, dizzyingly archetypal characters merely to trot them out for their own sake.

And he'd certainly be giving his audience a grand time if that were all he had in mind, not to mention the delicious romp he's providing for his more than capable cast.

But there's more here than surface: every one of the balls Bittrich is juggling at his outrageous act one curtain gets caught neatly by the finale an hour later.

No loose ends, no quick saves.

And there's even a message or two to take home and savor."

Martin Denton, nytheatre.com "[The] script shines through, thanks to plenty of laugh lines, bizarre predicaments, and wild characters."

Valerie-Jean Hume, CV Independent"

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