Grandma Serafina's Famous Tiramisu

Jonathan J Samarro(Broadway Play Publishing)

Grandma Serafina's Famous Tiramisu Cover


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When Thomas D'Angelo pays a long overdue visit to his Italian grandparents, he soon finds himself caught in the middle of the ongoing, if farcical, war between the two.

His grandmother, intent on plumping him up with home cooking, is sure she'll win him over to her side.

His grandfather, meanwhile, surreptitiously schemes to make Thomas his ally.

Never mind that Thomas has come, in part, to seek advice over the strained relationship he has with their son, his father.

He has his hands full just trying to restore calm to the household.

But as he works to negotiate a peace between his grandparents, he finds within himself the possibility to resolve the struggles he faces with his father.

As marvelous a confection as her famous tiramisu, GRANDMA SERAFINA'S serves up a family-sized helping of delicious hilarity.

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