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Mary Shelley wrote Frankenstein in 1816 and it caught the public imagination almost immediately.

The first stage adaptation was written in 1823, and since then countless film versions, parodies, and modern interpretations have changed the associations we have with the Frankenstein name.

Shelley’s novel offers many pleasures, but fulfilling the horror-movie expectations of the modern reader isn’t one of them.

This adaptation attempts to be faithful to Shelley’s original themes, characters, mood, and literary sensibility while at the same time giving an audience a little bit more of what it expects from something called “Frankenstein”.

Through well-fought debate and action, I wanted to combine the intellectual satisfaction of Shelley’s novel with the fun and thrills of a really scary horror story.

In other words (to use a little Hollywood pitch-speak), it’s George Bernard Shaw meets Stephen King

Austin Tichenor

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