Drawing War

Brett Neveu(Broadway Play Publishing)

Drawing War Cover


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A boy's best friend has died after an accident whilst cleaning his gun.

It is Christmas Eve, and he talks to his friend's father after a church service.

Next day he goes to his friend's house to give cookies to the father and the brother of the dead boy.

He is soon caught up in a whirlwind of events.

First they all go and see the grandmother, then they go to bail out the mother from jail, and all the time he is being used as a sounding board for a family who have not yet come to terms with the death.

"The work of a young artist with great talent."

-Chris Jones, The Chicago Tribune "Written with a detached compassion that recalls Chekhov and presented with an air of mystery that suggests the early plays of Pinter or even the films of Ingmar Bergman, this is a slice-of-life sketch that takes the viewer some days to work through - and to get over."

-Albert Williams, The Chicago Reader About the author: "Perhaps the city's closest equivalent to a young [David] Mamet."

-Chris Jones, The Chicago Tribune "One of the most prolific, intelligent, and innovative playwrights to write in Chicago in years, maybe decades."

-Jack Helbig, PerformInk "The bard of midwestern angst."

-Lucia Mauro, Chicago Magazine "Make no mistake.

This is an author worth watching, and listening to."

-Michael Phillips, The Chicago Tribune

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