Dr Du Bois And Miss Ovington

Clare Coss(Broadway Play Publishing)

Dr Du Bois And Miss Ovington Cover


W. E. B. Du Bois and Mary White Ovington, two courageous leaders across the color line, co-founders of the NAACP, find themselves unexpectedly alone in their New York City office on a Sunday morning, June 1915.

Infuriated over the decision of white board members to curtail his autonomy, Dr Du Bois is determined to resign.

Miss Ovington confronts his firm resolve with forceful arguments and sophisticated seductions.

They advocate, spar, flirt, clash, reveal secrets, and compete to save their vital work.

A dangerous river of desire runs through their complex relationship, infused with their shared love of justice and commitment to fight for a better world.

"Clare Coss's new play, DR DU BOIS AND MISS OVINGTON, takes up the relationship between W. E. B. Du Bois and Mary White Ovington, two co-founders of the NAACP, who find themselves unexpectedly alone together in their Manhattan office one Sunday morning in June 1915.

With Du Bois furiously intent on resigning from the association over racial hostilities in its leadership, the drama hinges on Ovington's efforts to assuage his anger and save their organization in the hour before he must depart to catch a train.

The two share a love of justice, a faith in interracial solidarity, and a simmering desire for one another ...

It performs the admirable work of bringing to light her otherwise untold story as a collaborator, partner, and would-be lover to one of America's leading intellectuals ... the writing is both erudite and elegant ..." -Joseph Cermatori, The Village Voice ..". this mesmerizing play written by Clare Coss ... the impact and power of this magnificent work of art ... I wish that everybody could see this play ...

The mutual respect, the love, the beautiful working relationship ..." -Ebele Oseye, Black Star News

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