Between Two Waves

Ian Meadows(Currency Press)

Between Two Waves Cover


4.43 out of 5


from 7 ratings

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You think we are like, actually all fucked?

Like rising seas, and hurricanes and judgement and shit?

Having lost a lifetime of research in the worst floods Sydney has witnessed, Daniel -- a climatologist and advisor to the government -- isn't in the mood for appreciating the irony of what he should have predicted.

Paralysed by the knowledge that the world is consuming itself, Daniel takes little joy in planning for his future -- somewhat of a problem for his spirited other half, Fiona.

When Fiona tells Daniel they're about to start a family, Daniel must choose between what he knows and what he loves.

Between Two Waves asks an anxious, warming world: how do we find happiness in the face of an uncertain future?

(1 act, 2 male, 2 female).


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