When the Promise was Broken

Joan Herrington (Editor)(Smith & Kraus)

When the Promise was Broken Cover


3.4 out of 5


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"When the Promise was Broken" is a remarkable collection built around an inspired notion - pull together a diverse group of first rate American playwrights to write original pieces inspired by the work of one of this nation's indispensable songwriters.

Drive all Night (Steven Dietz); Bloody River inspired by American Skin (Elaine Romero); I'm on Fire (Gregory Moss); Glad for the Company inspired by Nebraska (Tucker Rafferty); Spirit of Transportation inspired by Streets of Philadelphia (Dipika Guha); Merry-Go-Round Man inspired by Cover Me (Edward Baker); The Stray inspired by Highway Patrolman (Scott Barsotti); Object Permanence inspired by Terry's Song (Jennifer Blackmer); Gospel Hour inspired by State Trooper (Dan and Drew Caffrey); Valhalla Correctional inspired by We Take Care of Our own (Peter Ullian); Pick Up Beds inspired by When You're Alone(K Frithjof Peterson); Birthday Wishes inspired by Secret Garden(Nikkole Salter); Grownin' Up or I was a Teenage Bruce Springsteen!

inspired by Growin' Up (Steve Feffer)

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