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Again this year, Smith and Kraus combined its two annual ten-minute play books into this one volume, divided into two sections: Plays for Two Actors and Plays for Three or More Actors.

Now, you can get the best ten-minute plays produced during the 2009-2010 theatrical season all in one book

In this volume you will find a plethora of ten-minute plays, culled from hundreds received.

All have been produced successfully.

Some have even won awards.

These plays are written in a wide variety of styles.

Some are realistic, some are not.

Some are comic (laughs); some are dramatic (no laughs)

There are a few plays in this book by playwrights who are fairly well-known, such as Don Nigro, Carson Kreitzer, Elaine Romero, Bridgette A. Wimberly, Richard Vetere and P. J. Gibson; but most are by terrific new writers you never heard of, playwrights destined without a doubt to become far better known when their full-length plays get produced by major theatres.

And you read their work first here

Plays for Two ActorsPlays for One Man and One WomanGoat by Don NigroGunning for Life by William BordenHigh Speed Disconnect by Chris WidneyJesse by P. J. GibsonLabor Day Weekend by Jon SpanoLadybug Gonna Getcha by Cara Lee CorthronA Modest Proposal by Steve KoppmanMrs.

Jansen Isn''t Here Now by Steven KorbarPublic Relations by Andrew BissRainbow Sprinkles by Stacey LaneThe Rental by Mark Harvey LevineRevolutions by Elaine RomeroRightsized by Kate McCamySelf Phone by Brendon EtterSmile by Nina MansfieldSteve by Liz BartucciUse Unknown by Ali WaltonWish You Were Here by Claudia HaasPlays for Two WomenHedge by Jerrod BogardParental Consent by S. D. GraubertThe Pickle Lady by Sharyn RothsteinRally by Bridgette A. WimberlySaguaro by Philip DawkinsThe Shore by Daniel TalbottWorse Things by Mona MansourPlays for Two MenCanadian Tuxedo by Nicole PanolfoHis Daddy by Cori ThomasRon Swoboda''s Wish by Anna ZieglerPlays for Three or More ActorsThe Attractive Women on the Train (2M 2F) by P. Seth BauerThe Bedmaker''s Revenge (1M 2F) by Bekah BrunstetterBollywood (2 M 2F) by R. D. MurphyCarwash; or In This Town, You Are What You Drive (2M 2F) by Stephanie HutchinsonThe Cooking King (2M 1F) by Sharon E. CooperDriving Green (2M 1F) by Martin BlankThe End of a Perfect Game (4M) by Jay RehakFor Our Mothers and Fathers (3F) by Crystal SkillmanThe Godot Variations (3M or more) by Meron LangsnerHands of Horror (2M 1F) by Ann Marie HealyHis Last Fight (2M 1F) by Jacqueline GoldfingerL.

A. 8 AM (1M 1F, + 2 M or F) by Mark Harvey LevineLet''s Not Talk About Men (2M 6F) by Carla CantrelleMeatball Hero (2M 1F) by Richard VetereOdysseus Swims for It (1M 2F) by Joshua H. CohenOff the Map (2M 1F) by Rich OrloffParachute Silk (1M 2F) by Carson KreitzerPost Wave Spectacular (4F) by Diana GrisantiPussy (2M 1F) by Laura JacqminSmall Portions (2M 1F) by Quinn D. EliSpirit Sex (2M 1F) by Desi Moreno-PensonTable for Four (2M 2F) by Steven KorbarWhack-a-Mole (1M 2F plus 4 M or F) by Beth LeinABOUT THE EDITOR For over thirty years Lawrence Harbison was in charge of new play acquisition for Samuel French, Inc., during which time his work on behalf of playwrights resulted in the first publication of such subsequent luminaries as Jane Martin, Don Nigro, Tina Howe, Theresa Rebeck, José Rivera, William Mastrosimone, Charles Fuller, and Ken Ludwig, among many others; and the acquisition of musicals such as Smoke of the Mountain, A...My Name Is Alice, Little Shop of Horrors and Three Guys Naked from the Waist Dow.

He is a now a free-lance editor, primarily for Smith and Kraus, Inc., for whom he edits annual anthologies of best plays by new playwrights and women playwrights, best ten-minute plays and best monologues and scenes for men and for women.

For many years he wrote a weekly column on his adventures in the theater for two Manhattan Newspapers, the Chelsea Clinton News and The Westsider.

His new column, "On the Aisle with Larry", is a weekly feature at www.smithandkraus.com.

He works with individual playwrights to help them develop their plays (see his website, www.playfixer.com).

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