Kate Tempest(Methuen)

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3.92 out of 5


from 306 ratings and 27 reviews

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I'm making a decision.

I'm changing things.

This is it.

Three old friends in their mid-twenties.

One remarkable day.

For Ted, Danny and Charlotte, it's time to seize control.

Make a difference.

Change things.

This is it.

A day trip through the parks and raves and cafes of South London, where life is what you make it.

The rapid fire words of Kate Tempest paint a picture of lives less ordinary in an unforgiving world, sound-tracked by an exhilarating score.

The drama mixes rap-style poetry delivered with microphones and self-reflexive addresses to the audience.

A play about love, life and losing your mind, and the first play from one of the UK's most exciting performance poets, Kate Tempest.


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