Tom Jones

Ross Ericson(Methuen)

Tom Jones Cover


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All the girls love a bastard.

Tom Jones follows the adventures of a young man of illegitimate birth through a tale of love, deception and mistaken identity; a feast of human nature, served up in the plain and simple manner of the West Country with all the high French and Italian seasoning of sex and vice.

Will he gain his darling Sophia's hand?

Will he escape the hangman's noose?

Will he ever learn to keep it in his trousers...?

Henry Fielding's comic picaresque novel 'A History Of Tom Jones, a foundling' caused a stir upon first publication in 1749.

Often referred to as the first novel in the English language, this cunning new stage version tells the escapades and exploits of the infamous protagonist through an accessible and highly entertaining adaptation.


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