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Claire Dowie(Methuen)

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An anthology bringing together a selection of Claire Dowie's plays for young people, which are ideal for performance with a large cast.

The anthology includes the following plays and an introduction by the author.

Why Is John Lennon Wearing A Skirt?

(Stage2 version, large cast) portrays a 14-year-old girl who dresses like a boy and would rather play football than anything else.

This version can be performed by a cast of up to 100.

Arsehammers (Stage2 version, large cast) is about a boy's relationship with his grandfather, who is suffering from Alzheimer's (or "Arsehammers", as the boy hears it).

He believes his grandad to have superpowers on account of his routine disappearances.

A brilliant tale of living with, and understanding, mental illness.

It has been reimagined for a cast of around 20.

The Year of the Monkey (Stage2 version, large cast) shows a mother dreaming of injecting some excitement into her humdrum life.

The play has been revised the play for around 25 young people.

Hard Working Families (original version, large cast), which hasn't previously been published, is a satirical play with music that exposes the true impact that earning a living has on young people in modern-day society.

It is a response to politicians' visions of 'ordinary people', set against the reality of earning a living and the way this impacts on young people's lives.

It can be performed by a cast of up to 50.

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