The Sugar-coated Bullets Of The Bourgeoisie

Anders Lustgarten(Methuen)

The Sugar-coated Bullets Of The Bourgeoisie Cover


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Our China is now the worst of all worlds.

Communist politics controlled by greedy capitalists, raw capitalist economics controlled by corrupt Communists.

Because they're all the same people!

At least under me, the people knew what they were tightening their belts for.

Anders Lustgarten's epic play covers the years 1949 when Chairman Mao founded the Communist Party of China to the present day when investors swoop in to make money off the land.

Following a number of characters and generations through these years, it portrays the foundation of modern China.

The Sugar-Coated Bullets of the Bourgeoisie, from award-winning playwright Anders Lustgarten, received its world premiere on at the Arcola Theatre, London, on 6 April 2016, in a co-production between the Arcola Theatre and HighTide Festival.

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