The One-act Play Companion

Colin Dolley(Methuen)

The One-act Play Companion Cover


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The one-act play stands apart as a distinct art form with some well known writers providing specialist material, among them Bernard Shaw, Tom Stoppard, Harold Pinter, Caryl Churchill.

Alan Ayckbourn, Edward Albee and Tennesee Williams.

There are also lesser-known writers with plenty of material to offer, yet sourcing one-act plays to perform is notoriously hard.

This companion is the first book to survey the work of over 250 playwrights in an illuminating A-Z guide.

Multiple styles, nationalities and periods are covered, offering a treasure trove of compelling moments of theatre waiting to be discovered.

Guidance on performing and staging one-act plays is also covered as well as essential contact information and where to apply for performance rights.

A chapter introducing the history of the one-act play rounds off the title as a definitive guide.

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