Tender Loving Care

Vickie Donoghue(Methuen)

Tender Loving Care Cover


4 out of 5


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My brother's trying to win the war.

He's fighting.

We should be fighting.

I'm brilliant at fighting.

June 5, 1944, Southsea Beach.

A girl named Poppy stands on the precipice of history.

Tomorrow is the biggest day of her life: D-Day.

Along with her friend Evie, Poppy finds herself volunteering in a Southsea hospital, preparing for the arrival of casualties of the D-Day landings.

Poppy has always wanted to be a war hero, but instead finds herself being asked to do the unthinkable – provide a German prisoner of war with compassionate and tender care.

A beautifully written play about the role of women on the Home Front during the Second World War, Tender Loving Care premiered at the Square Tower Portsmouth in June 2014, in a production by The New Theatre Royal, Portsmouth.


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