Steve Blount, Peter Daly, Gavin Kostick, Janet Moran(Methuen)

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2.33 out of 5


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May has come to dance; her boyfriend is away and she needs the company.

Joe's been doing this a while; recently divorced, he's taking May through the steps.

As they swing around the dancefloor they meet a plethora of characters including their passive aggressive dance instructors, the older man, George, and Sally whom he has the eye for, Imelda who's only recently moved to the city, Justin the flamboyant young gay guy who's full of energy and rhythm, Noelia from Spain, Regina from Northern Ireland, and Seán from the country who counts on counting the steps.

An international hit from New York, Paris and Edinburgh, Swing is a comedy about dancing and music and love and not settling and feeling like an eejit and being brave and having doubts and trying your best and trying new things and thinking outside the box and seeing things clearly and living as well as you can and giving it a lash.

With rock and roll music.

It'll make you want to dance.

Swing was first produced by Fishamble in 2013; the production won the Bewley's Little Gem Award at the Dublin Fringe Festival, 2013.

This programme text edition was published to coincide with the revival and international tour by Fishamble in spring, 2016.

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