Sleeping Beauty

Jez Bond, Mark Cameron(Methuen)

Sleeping Beauty Cover


There will come a point in every witch's life where the scales are tipped so far to one side that the world, nature, humanity - whatever you want to call it - finally fights back.

The demons are expelled and we return to the natural state.

Sleeping Beauty is the fairytale of the beautiful princess Arabella who pricks her finger on a spindle and sleeps for a hundred years.

Here adapted for the stage, you can join a host of characters for a night of magic, romance and laughter.

In this quirky and flamboyant new stage version of the traditional story by Jez Bond and Mark Cameron, the battle of good versus evil is given a facelift, bringing this fairytale vividly to life through comedy, drama and original songs.

The songs are included at the back of the edition (melody with chord symbols).


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