Ridley Plays: 2

Philip Ridley(Methuen)

Ridley Plays: 2 Cover


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This second volume of Ridley's stage plays confirms him as one of the

most imaginative, daring and unique voices currently working in


All four plays collected here resonant with Ridley's trademark

themes - East London, storytelling, moments of shocking violence,

memories of the past, fantastical monologues, and that strange mix of

the barbaric and the beautiful he has made all his own.

Vincent River: '... a grieving mother and a traumatized teenager

meet as adversaries, rough each other up and eventually bond over a

barbaric act of cruelty...Ridley asks

questions, lots of them, about how people respond to the loss of

innocence in their lives, how they hold onto their sanity in the face

of savagery and how they fight to keep the bonds of humanity intact in

a mad, mad world.' Variety

Mercury Fur: '...depicts a scary, post-apocalyptic London where, in

their struggle to survive, a group of youths are reduced to organising

parties that cater for the most perverted tastes.' Independent

Leaves of Glass: 'There is a different kind of murder going on here:

the murder of truth that goes on in all families to a lesser or greater


As with nations, a family's history is written by the victors.' Guardian

Piranha Heights: 'The extravagance of Ridley's dark vision suggests a

dangerously confused society in which individuals seize on random

gobbets of semi-digested information and use them to construct their

own personal narrative.' The


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