Anthony Neilson(Methuen)

Realism Cover


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A lazy Saturday for Stuart?

With interruptions from a radio panel show, a threesome, the Black and White Minstrels, a nagging mother and a mouthy cat - no chance.

Luckily, none of them know what he's thinking...

Realism is an exquisite, surreal trip inside the mind of one man during an ordinary day.

However, it veers off from the commonplace to become a deliriously comic trip inside his wayward imagination.

Dreams and daydreams are brought to life to hilarious effect exposing the faultlines between everyday life and the world of the imagination in which fantasies ignore conventions of taste and political correctness.

This is Anthony Neilson's follow-up to his multi award-winning The Wonderful World of Dissocia.

The text was published to coincide with its English premiere at the Soho Theatre in June 2011.

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