Punk Rock

Simon Stephens(Methuen)

Punk Rock Cover


3.66 out of 5


from 501 ratings and 44 reviews

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Everything human beings do finishes up bad in the end.

Everything good human beings ever make is built on something monstrous.

Nothing lasts.

We certainly won't...'

Based on his experience as a teacher, Stephens describes his play as 'The History Boys on crack'.

It explores the underlying tensions and potential violence in a group of affluent, articulate seventeen year old students.

Contemporary and unnerving, with elements of The Catcher in the Rye, Punk Rock follows the story of seven sixth-formers as they face up to the pressures of teenage life, while preparing for their mock A-level exams and trying to get into Oxbridge.

They are a group of educated, intelligent and aspirational young people but step-by-step, the dislocation, disjunction and latent violence simmering under the surface of prosperity is revealed.

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