Playing with Grown Ups

Hannah Patterson(Methuen)

Playing with Grown Ups Cover


4 out of 5


from 6 ratings

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That's the problem isn't it?

Now we can have it all, we're expected to bloody do it all.

Late thirties, careers under their belts, and a new baby just arrived.

Isn't that what everybody wants?

Faced with the reality of her new life, Joanna tries to make sense of the events and decisions which led her to this point.

Full of regret, with a husband who's pretending that everything's fine, the last thing she needs is her ex-lover turning up with an unexpected guest.

Or maybe it's exactly what she needs.

A wry, provocative look at what it is to be a woman today, in a society which tells us we can have it all and our ambitions can be unlimited.


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