curious directive(Methuen)

Pioneer Cover


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We have all stared up at the stars and desperately tried to put into words what it is that we are feeling.

This mission is an articulation of that wonder.

It's 2029: the first human mission to Mars has disappeared without a trace; a reclusive Indian billionaire has funded Ghara I, a new attempt to achieve this dream; in Siberia, two Russian brothers reconnect by driving a Lada Sputnik 1.3 in search of the birth of space travel; at the bottom of the Pacific Ocean, Maartje holds on to a secret about her sister;and on Mars, Imke and Oskar, a young Dutch couple, are mysteriously separated.

Pioneer shuttles you from the Garden of Eden to mission control, and on to the surface of Mars.

A sci-fi thriller, this edition was published to coincide with curious directive's national tour, which opened in March 2015.

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