More Ten-Minute Plays for Middle School Performers

Rebecca Young, Ashley Gritton(Meriwether Publishing)

More Ten-Minute Plays for Middle School Performers Cover


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Plays for a variety of cast sizes

A sequel collection of eighteen plays that give teenage performers the chance to reveal the unique identities and motivations of students their own age.

These brief plays may be used for speech and drama classrooms, forensic competitions, or variety shows.

They are easily staged with no sets or costumes.

Topics include: the never-ending gossip cycle, parents, being conceited, getting in trouble, and more.

Included are scripts for girls only, scripts for boys only, and scripts for mixed casts.

The dialogue is believable and easy to perform.

Sample titles: Word Gets Around, The School Talent Show, The Party, Three Boys and a Baby, Bad Hair Day, First Kiss, The Bigheaded Girl and more.

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