Sci-fi Scenes And Monster Dreams

Jan Peterson Ewen(Meriwether Publishing)

Sci-fi Scenes And Monster Dreams Cover


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16 comedy scenes for student actors

16 scenes for two to six (or more) players 5 to 10 minutes in length Student actors will love playing a wide variety of characters: Comical monsters; Socially awkward robots; Powerful wizards; Courageous superheroes; Mad scientists; Charismatic talking dogs; Adventurous space explorers and many more!

These hilarious scenes include spoofs of popular movies, television shows, and books, as well as original stories.

A valuable resource for any group of actors, this laugh-out-loud collection also builds essential skills like pantomiming, comedic timing, working with accents, and physical characterization.

All scenes are easy to stage with fun roles for everyone!

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