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'Music is medication.

The elixir of life.

It's for injecting into the blood stream to take away the pain…to promote euphoria…to adrenalise us and give us courage and fortitude'In a top London recording studio, Cat, a young songwriter, her producer Bernard, their lawyers and psychotherapists go to battle over who owns a hit song.

Amidst a gathering storm of bitter complaints and brutal recriminations Cat and Bernard inflict a devastating toll on each other in a war that only one of them can win.'The music industry isn't about healing heartbreak and vulnerability.

It's about selling it'A sly, wry exploration of the dark side of the music industry by the multi-Olivier Award-winning writer of Sunny Afternoon and Blue/Orange, Joe Penhall

This edition was published alongside the world premiere at The Old Vic, London in April 2018, directed by Roger Michell.


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