Life And Sort Of Death Of Eric Argyle

Ross Dungan(Methuen)

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Eric Argyle was notably surprised when rather unexpectedly his eyes opened again.

If truth be told, if he was being honest with himself, he hadn't really expected this type of thing would ever be happening again.'

Eric Argyle is having a bad Sunday.

It's late.

He's still in his pyjamas.

A room full of people are staring at him.

And he died at 11.42am, two days ago.

An issue that people don't seem all that receptive to.

Nominated for Best New Play at the Irish Times Theatre Awards, Ross Dungan's The Life and Sort of Death of Eric Argyle premiered at the Pleasance Dome in Edinburgh in August 2012 before transferring to Dublin.

It debuted in London at the Soho Theatre on 2 April 2013.

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