In Fidelity

Rob Drummond(Methuen)

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I told her that it wouldn't be appropriate for us to meet in person.

She asked me why not.

I told her the truth.

Because I was extremely attracted to her and didn't want to court the destruction of my marriage.

She said, your wife never needs to know.

It will just be a little adventure.

Nothing even needs to happen.

September 2016 marks the fifteen-year anniversary of Rob and Lucy's very first date.

What better way to mark this milestone than to create a show all about love?

As part of his research Rob underwent an MRI scan.

His ventromedial prefrontal cortex surged when looking at a picture of his wife.

However, it also surged while looking at other pictures.

In equal parts TED Talk and theatrical experiment, this is the show that combines a live on-stage date and evolutionary theory.

Whether you're single or attached, this is a big-hearted play for those looking to find love and those wanting to celebrate it.

In Fidelity received its world premiere at the HighTide Festival 2016.

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