Holy Warriors

David Eldridge(Methuen)

Holy Warriors Cover


3.5 out of 5


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A Fantasia on the Third Crusade and the History of Violent Struggle in the Holy Lands

There is one in the Kingdom of England.

Who goes by the name of Richard the Lionheart.

My waking dreams tell me he will come upon us.

He will come to these lands and make pilgrimage, conquest.

Saladin's great army have corrected a great wrong by taking Jerusalem back for Islam, after the barbaric slaughter of their people one hundred years ago.

But for Muslim and Christian alike Jerusalem is a holy city.

Across England and Outremer, nobles answer the call to arms from Richard the Lionheart to march on Jerusalem in the third crusade and retake the Holy City from Saladin.

Holy Warriors is a tale of holy war, fraught diplomacy and revenge in the struggle for Jerusalem, taking in over a millennium of bloody conflict, as Richard the Lionheart marches east to face Saladin, and takes Jerusalem.

This edition published to coincide with the play's premiere at Shakespeare's Globe, London, on 19 July 2014.


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