Hamlet, Who's There?

William Shakespeare(Methuen)

Hamlet, Who's There? Cover


Hamlet: Who's There is a tightly written highly theatrical adaptation of Shakespeare's great play.

Reimagining the action to take place over the course of one night, the play can be produced to last ninety minutes for a small cast of six actors.

Featuring much of the original language and the famous soliloquies of Shakespeare's original play, this adaptation is ideal for people seeking a version of the tragedy to be played across a shorter timeframe or by a smaller cast

Adapted by RSC actor and teacher Kelly Hunter, Hamlet: Who's There was toured and produced by Flute Theatre, a company which produces plays by Shakespeare aimed at inclusivity for a range of audiences.

This programme text edition of the play was published to coincide with a national and international tour of the play beginning in spring 2016, including dates in London, Romania, Germany and Elsinore, the original location where Hamlet was set.

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