Girl Stories & Game Plays

Betsy Robinson(iUniverse)

Girl Stories & Game Plays Cover


3.86 out of 5


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An anthology of stories and plays

A different (maybe sneaky) kind of anthology that builds like a novel ... or something else entirely.

A feast of silly, serious, strange, sexy, transcendent, and laugh-out-loud funny stories of girls and girl-women, including a NEW, updated version of Darleen Dances, one of the most-performed audition plays.

The turns of phrase-creative freedom with language-turned me on throughout; that's the reason why people still read.

I laughed out loud, I laughed out loud, I laughed out loud!

A ticklish read from start to finish.

Darleen Dances is brilliant.

I always wanted more.

-Jason Love, syndicated humor writer I was seduced into believing these were just 'stories' and then was zinged with surprising twists.

The precision of the writing is gripping, dialogue is riveting.

Each story stands on its own but then becomes a part of a greater whole, with some characters appearing and reappearing, as though they want us to know them better.

-Diane Booth, psychotherapist

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