A Community Shakespeare Company Edition Of The Comedy Of Errors

Richard Carter(iUniverse)

A Community Shakespeare Company Edition Of The Comedy Of Errors Cover


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Community Shakespeare Company Editions make Shakespeare's plays instantlyaccessible to everyone, from children through Shakespeare-shy adults.

These uniqueperformance scripts, developed in a youth theater company, inspire student actorsand captivate their audiences.

Award-winning playwright Richard Carter deliversthe best of the Bard in original verse adaptation.

CSC Editions represent a dynamicmodel that can be used in schools, clubs, camps, and communities worldwide.

Withnearly thirty years experience working with young people, Carter is Artistic Directorof the Community Shakespeare Company.* Its mission: "to enrich young lives andcultivate community, with theater as the means and Shakespeare the inspiration."(*www.communityshakespeare.org)"This is to recommend Richard Carter with a full heart.

We have enthusiastically shared many ideals and passions, especially regarding theatre by, with and for youngsters."-Lenka Peterson O'Connor, author: Kids Take The Stage (Backstage Books)"I take my theatre very seriously and I know what I am talking about when I saythat we are indeed blessed to have Community Shakespeare in our midst."-Kenneth W. Jenks: Director Emeritus,University of Utah Playwriting Program"Having taught all over the world, I can imagine how excited teachers would be to havethe opportunity to introduce a Shakespeare play to their students, knowing theywould be able to grasp meaning and still retain the Shakespearian experience."-Ann H. Goss: Retired International School Teacher


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