Blood Brothers

Willy Russell(Methuen)

Blood Brothers Cover


3.84 out of 5


from 6k ratings and 246 reviews

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Without his job at the hospital, Clay would be lost.

The hard work, the struggles of the patients, the drama in the ERÑit makes his days worth something, and gives focus to his dream of someday becoming a doctor.

Clay can't afford to go away to college like the rest of his graduating senior class, but what other 17-year-old has delivered a baby or helped save a life

Still, Clay wishes his life could be more like his best friend Joey's.

Joey has it all—a great family, a good college waiting for him at the end of the summer, money, a car.

Clay has to bike everywhere, and the miles are starting to wear him down.

But Joey's golden future shatters one day when he overdoses at a party.

Now he's clinging to life at the hospital where Clay works, and Clay may even be implicated in Joey's injuries.

Tension and emotion rise as those who love Joey gather and wait.

Clay will do whatever he can to find out what happened at the party, and to help Joey recover.

But to survive this ordeal Clay must draw on a strength he never knew he had.

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