Simon Stephens(Methuen)

Birdland Cover


3.92 out of 5


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Everything can be quantified.

All worth can be quantified.

Artistic worth.

Human worth.

Material worth.


Some food is simply better than other food.

Isn't it?

Some clothes are better than other clothes.

Aren't they?

The last week of a massive international tour and rock star Paul is at the height of his fame.

Everybody knows his name.

Whatever he wants he can have.

He can screw anybody he wants to.

He can buy anything he desires.

He can eat anything.

Drink anything.

Smoke anything.

Go anywhere.

As the inevitability of the end of the road looms closer and a return home becomes a reality, for Paul the music is starting to jar.

Birdland received its world premiere at the Royal Court Theatre Downstairs on 3 April 2014.

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